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Television and radio

The Black Swans of Albert Park – Science short by Wild Melbourne about our research on the black swan (Broadcast 7 January 2016)

Where Birdsong Began – Episode from ABC’s Catalyst featuring an interview with Dr. Michelle Hall (Broadcast 10 March 2015)

Tales of the Unexpected: Who’s your Daddy? – Interview with A/Prof. Raoul Mulder discussing non-paternity in birds (Broadcast 20 April 2014)

Personality and the Superb fairy-wren – Interview with Dr. Michelle Hall on Radio National – Off Track (Broadcast 23 April 2013)

Visions Episode 98: Wildlife watch – Short interview describing the black swan monitoring program and how citizen scientists are helping to keep track of the population (Broadcast 21 April 2011)

Black swan – a family tale – a short documentary by Linus Koh.

The secret sex life of swans – Interview with Dr. Raoul Mulder on Radio National – PM (Broadcast 7 June 2006)

Popular press

Swans in the spotlight: A tale of light and dark – Mojo News (Published 6 September 2018)

Do city lights keep black swans awake in Melbourne study – Herald Sun (Published 9 June 2017)

The Dark Side of Bright Light – Wild Melbourne (Published 16 August 2016)

Swans’ serenity masks stress of Grand Prix – The Voice (Published 11 November 2012)

Albert Park inhabitants don’t duck for cover – The Age (Published 18 September 2012)

The secret lives of black swans – The Voice (Published 10 July 2011)

Tracking the secret lives of black swans – Cosmos Magazine (Published 5 May 2011)

Citizen scientists, the black swan needs you – The Conversation (Published 27 April 2011)

Volunteer army signs up for citizen science – The Australian (Published 20 October 2010)

Birds of a different color: Madagascar’s paradise flycatchers – National Geographic (Published April 2005)

Faithful lovebirds? No, swans like to go wandering – Daily Mail (Published 9 June 2006)

When it comes to birds, most males just don’t get it – The Age (Published 12 December 2002)

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